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Industrial Training

We provide job oriented Industrial Training on various leading web technologies like:

PHP, WordPress, Java, MySQL Server, Apache Webserver, SQL Database, PL/SQL, Linux, HTML5, CSS, Bootstrap,Codeigniter, Laravel etc.

Right from inception Virtuemantra has developed team of professionals who has Technical, Functional and Software development background with years of experience and tons of manhours.

We have trained the employees of all levels across industries, viz private organizations, public sector, Corporations, Government Departments, Technical Institutes etc. Our customized focus allows us to deliver training solutions specifically catering to the need of the industry or department considering the level of the target audience. In this present era of competition and uncertainty, for an organization to succeed, it needs to have a set of competent & suitably trained manpower who can contribute to make a difference.

Summer Training/Winter Training/Internship/Research:

We are committed to spread technology to the common people. Time to Time we invite and entertain students from different colleges for vocational and summer training on live projects.

The Virtuemantra Internship Program is a practical and wise investment in your professional future. In these program, you enhance your resume, gain additional knowledge and acquire valuable references. Each are priceless advantages for a college student soon to be seeking a full-time career position. Now is the time to take hold of your career and take advantage of this life changing opportunity.

Repition Facility:

This is a unique, free of cost facility in which a person can repeat a module. This concept is unique because we understand that all the students sitting in a batch are not of similar caliber. We also understand that in order to become a professional one has to learn the technology thoroughly.

Job Guarantee:

Virtuemantra mostly hires from the trainees. Our maximum employees are they who took training under Virtuemantra Technologies.

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    Amazing For You      

    Virtuemantra redesigned our website and now we feel proud on our website.

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    Kishore Singh      

    Will work continuously with you guys. Great Results

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    Nidhi Dhyani      

    Very much satisfied with the services . Your work is perfectally standardize and always up to the mark. I am influenced with your Way of Working.

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    I am the valuable customer of the said firm. They all perform, to make their customer satisfied..Good job team.. Keep it up............................

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    Great company! Great place for work .Nice team mates.

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    James Smith      

    Amazing place, great people and atmosphere. People are super professional and the work environment is awesome.

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    Paul Averitt      

    I must say that I am very impressed with my working relationship with Virtuemantra Tech. Nitesh is a super knowledgeable developer / designer. I would recommend him to anyone. Always on time, trust worthy, dependable, honest, knowledgeable. That why they get 5 stars from me. Working with a company overseas is always a challenge but this is the one time that everything went smoothly. We used this company for 5 large website designs. Great job. We will continue to use your services.

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    Akhilesh Bijalwan      

    Virtuemantra has excellent web designing services. What I like about them most is there support.Even after one year they are providing me tremendous support. There services is less costly . I highly recommend them"

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    vikas bhatt      

    Very professional and time bounded services. I am full satisfied. You all have done a great job.

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    abhishek sindhi      

    I'm being part of their services from last one and half year and it's really impeccable. They are apart from others in the way how they provide those excellent services as in with proper interaction and be on time always. I would highly recommend anyone to avail their services once


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