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Vas Services

In the fast growing VAS market worldwide, Virtuemantra pride ourselves in the provision of Value Added services that helps telecom industries to increased there average revenue per unit (ARPU) consistently whilst maintaining customers satisfaction of services.

Virtuemantra help startup and existing aggregators with the provision of value added services(VAS) solutions and service delivery platforms for Short messaging services (SMS), Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) and Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) services delivery.

Virtuemantra deals with VAS services too. We develop:

  1. SMS based applications for your business
  2. IVR based solutions
  3. Billing integrations with Operator
  4. USSD applications
  5. MMS based applications
  6. OBD Services

What we do?

SMS services

MMS based services

IVR Solutions

Billing Integration with operators

Interactive Voice Response(IVR)

Interactive Voice Response system is a technology that enables callers to interact with pre-recorded messages which directs users to proceed further. IVR enables callers to interact with an organization’s pre-recorded system as a self service application for their enquiries by following the IVR dialogue. Our IVR solutions wipe out communication problems. Improve the way you serve and engage your clients and you’ll receive loyalty, lower operation costs, increased revenue and a spike in productivity.

Virtuemantra will look into the core communication requirements of your business and recommend best IVR services to optimize efficiency, customer satisfaction. We can guarantee that our solutions will exceed your expectations. Our team of experienced support professionals will be available any time to help you with any problems or concerns.

Mobile Billing (Premium SMS and IVR) solutions open up endless possibilities for content providers, brands, and marketers looking to generate revenue from anyone with a cell phone. The ubiquity of mobile devices makes mobile content provision a lucrative business, and our Mobile Billing solutions let you tap into that market easily. Mobile subscribers can be billed for third party content and services directly on their cell phone bill by their wireless carrier, and the revenues are roughly split between the content provider and carrier.
Mobile Billing is an unbeatable micro-payment solution due to its seamlessness from the consumer’s perspective, and the fact that it provides instant access to direct bill anybody with a cell phone. Research has shown that mobile billing is several times more effective than providing mobile content through internet-based merchants where the use of credit cards is necessary.


The OBD platform is used by telco and companies to reach out to customers and make them aware of services & products. With mobile in every person’s hand, OBD Platform plays very significant role in marketing activities.

The Virtuemantra SMSC is one of the most widely deployed SMSC’s across the globe. Our customers have chosen it because of its reliability, high capacity and scalability, provide the SMSC as a flexible solution, offering unbeatable reliability and relevance in the smartphone era.


USSD is similar to Short Messaging Service (SMS), but,unlike SMS, USSD transactions occur during the session only. With SMS, message scan be sent to a mobile phone and stored for several days if the phone is not activated or within range.


Our messaging suite includes USSD as well as SMS gateway, SMSC, SMS Router, USSD browser. Virtuemantra Technologies also provides USSD services over cloud. The same enables high speed interactive content & services to mobile subscribers and gives an opportunity to the telecom companies to tap the huge pool of customers

Benefits to telcos:

  • High Speed Interactions
  • Access new markets

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    Nadim Ahmad      

    No doubt to say its an excellent experience of services provided by virtuemantra technologies. i'm very impressed by virtuemantra technologies's services and their way of delivering the services to the costumers. I highly recommended for virtuemantra.

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    Noe Castellon      

    I first found out about this company last year and I have requested serveral jobs related to creating an SMS app I can use in my business for prospecting via SMS and making calls. Sampani did an amazing job .He is always there when I need some updates or fixing a small issue. They are very professional and I highly recommend this company! Much love from San Diego, California USA

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    vikas bhatt      

    Very professional and time bounded services. I am full satisfied. You all have done a great job.

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    Paul Averitt      

    I must say that I am very impressed with my working relationship with Virtuemantra Tech. Nitesh is a super knowledgeable developer / designer. I would recommend him to anyone. Always on time, trust worthy, dependable, honest, knowledgeable. That why they get 5 stars from me. Working with a company overseas is always a challenge but this is the one time that everything went smoothly. We used this company for 5 large website designs. Great job. We will continue to use your services.

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    James Smith      

    Amazing place, great people and atmosphere. People are super professional and the work environment is awesome.

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    Nidhi Dhyani      

    Very much satisfied with the services . Your work is perfectally standardize and always up to the mark. I am influenced with your Way of Working.

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    Akhilesh Bijalwan      

    Virtuemantra has excellent web designing services. What I like about them most is there support.Even after one year they are providing me tremendous support. There services is less costly . I highly recommend them"

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    Kishore Singh      

    Will work continuously with you guys. Great Results

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    sarvesh kotiyal      

    I am the valuable customer of the said firm. They all perform, to make their customer satisfied.. Good job team.. Keep it up............................

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    Alexander Atanasov      

    I've worked with Nitesh and his team on several projects in the last few months and will definately work with them in the future. They delivered everything as agreed even worked on out of scope items without affecting the cost of the projects. Pleasure working with them.


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